Whitehorse, Yukon


Whether you’ve lived here for years or visiting from afar an evening of northern lights viewing in Whitehorse, Yukon is sure to stop time. The dancing, colorful lights are simply magic. It is hard to find anything more relaxing than sitting outside under the gorgeous colors with a warm drink and good company.

The secret to fully enjoying this one of a kind spectacular show is being fully prepared for the weather. Take some time to look at the forecast and ensure you have all the warm gear needed to spend a few hours outdoors in comfort.

When packing for your trip is is best to choose light, high quality wool items that can easily be layered. Layering helps to promote the flow of air around your body and thus will keep you warmer than just one heavy item. These layers wick away moisture and are very easy to pack in a suitcase as they take up very little room.

In addition to these thin layers you will need high quality outerwear to endure our crisp winter air. A fully insulated, high quality parka, insulated mitts, warm boots, and a toque are all must haves. Not only are these outer items bulky (they’ll likely take up a whole suitcase) high quality outerwear can be extremely expensive. This is a fantastic investment if you are planning on spending excessive amounts of time in a cold environment. However if you are simply coming to the Yukon for an amazing adventure you can rent all the outerwear you need here.

Whatever brings you to the Yukon, be sure to put on your outer gear and head out to see the most spectacular show on earth!


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